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1034 Electronics Upgrade Kit Coming Soon

For many years, Miller Design and Equipment has been known for their refurbished Electroglas 1034 probers.

We have made many improvements to the design over the years and have had a great run with them.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  The main weakness of the 1034 has always been its electronics package.  With multiple boards using old IC's and components, they all eventually fail.  For years we were still able to purchase and inventory all the parts for these boards to repair and or build them. But as more of the parts became obsolete items from the manufacturers, acquiring them became at first expensive, and finally almost impossible.

So we decided to switch courses and not support the old 1034 anymore.  What we are doing is designing a completely new electronics package for the 1034.  Picture a 1034 running with new, off the shelf components, without a power module, as the entire control fits inside the main casting.  No more troublesome power module, old fashioned digi-switches, or burned out light bulbs causing you problems.

The new electronics package is scheduled to be released in late 2008.

NexGen Prober Release Date set for end of Year

Miller Design and Equipment and Probe Specialists, Inc. showed the new NexGen prober at the SemiCon show in San Francisco and were amazed at the amount of interest.  The NexGen is aimed at the EG2001 market and customers who like the machine, but would like more reliability and accuracy.  The machine is based on the Forcer Platen style of movement like in the 2001, but has a new control that is sure to be more reliable.  Randy Medina, CEO of Probe Specialists, Inc, said preliminary tests already show that the machine is going to not only be more accurate then the older 2001's, but quite possibly faster, too.  Mr. Medina stated "we wanted to make a machine that ran and acted like the older 2001's so the customer's transition to it would be simple, yet the machine to have modern, more reliable components in the control.  We feel we are on the direct path to achieving that goal."

Chris Patterson, of Miller Design and Equipment, said they are hoping to be able to market the prober at the same price level a customer would normally pay for a refurbished 2001, although the final sales price could not yet be set until all the manufacturing costs have been worked out.  Mr. Patterson stated "most of the parts we will build in house, so we can hopefully keep the costs down enough to meet our target price".

The NexGen is tentatively scheduled for a late fourth quarter release at this time.


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Last modified: 05/06/09